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Undefeated: From Basketball To Battle

“Jim Noles has produced a provocative, arresting, put-you-there account of a forgotten 1940s Army basketball team that we now realize shouldn’t be forgotten. Deeply researched, written with flair and emotion, Noles has achieved something rare: He’ll make you care, deeply, about a team you’ve never heard of—and one you’ll never forget.” — Lars Anderson, New York Times best-selling author

“A winning journey by a remarkable group of cadets. Thanks to Jim Noles for shining a light on a season—and a team—too few sports fans know about.” — Neely Lohmann, editor and producer, ESPN

Undefeated offers a remarkable view of the final year of America’s Second World War—from basketball courts to the foxholes of Western Europe to the skies of the Pacific.” — Winston Groom, author of The Allies: Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, and the Unlikely Alliance That Won World War II

“Insightful and moving, Undefeated is a must-read story that goes far beyond basketball to show how real heroes touch so many people’s lives.” — Edgar Welden, author of Time Out!: A Sports Fan’s Dream Year

“In Undefeated, Jim Noles tells the story of young men, who form a unique bond in a season of athletic battles, and then engage in a vicious and historic war. By turns, heartwarming, heartbreaking, and ultimately triumphant. A wonderful read.” — Carlo DeVito, author of Wellington: The Maras, the Giants, and the City of New York and Yogi: The Life and Times of an American Original

“If James Naismith, Herodotus, and Patton were in charge of the reading list for their book club, Undefeated by Jim Noles would be at the top of their list.” — Carson Medley, author of Through the Red Door: The Eternal Season of Coach Clink and the Division II Chico State Wildcats

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Mighty by Sacrifice

Mighty by Sacrifice brilliantly captures the sights, sounds, and fury of the bomber war in World War II. From the fast-paced action of pilots outmaneuvering strafing FW 190s to the adrenaline-charged stress of a tail gunner’s position, this ground-breaking book puts the reader into the lethal skies of Central Europe in the summer of 1944.” — Patrick O’Donnell, author of We Were One, The Brenner Assignment and They Dared Return

“This is a great story that deserves to be told. . . . The authors do such a wonderful job of relating the terror and speed of aerial combat.” — Stephen L. McFarland, coauthor of To Command the Sky: The Battle for Air Superiority over Germany, 1942-1944

“This book is original as it is the only one that I have seen (in over 35 years) that deals with a number of crews on a specific mission, that covers in detail prewar background on the individuals, training, combat, post shoot down, prisoner of war time, and post war experiences. It is also unique in that most of the literature in this genre is on the 8th Air Force, while this one covers the very much overlooked 15th.” — Kenneth P. Werrell, author of Blankets of Fire: U.S. Bombers over Japan during World War II

“Riveting accounts of frightened yet determined young men make Mighty by Sacrifice a dramatic read that complements the book’s historical aspect.” — Black & White

“I must admit to reading this through in one sitting. Tension, for a battle whose outcome is known, is masterfully held until the very end. . . Read this book to know of real sacrifice and what victory in World War II demanded.” — The Decatur Daily

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A Pocketful of History

“In his latest, author and attorney Noles (Twenty-Three Minutes to Eternity: The Final Voyage of the Escort Carrier USS Liscome Bay) looks at the 50 State Quarters Program, which, over about ten years, has issued a quarter commemorating each state with a different design. Organized by issue date, each state quarter is given a few pages of background information, including the date of release, the number initially minted and the reasons behind its design. His work is full of information for both novice coin collectors and average Joes, and his otherwise dry account benefits occasionally from witty chapter subtitles and gentle mockery (Wisconsin’s state motto, “Forward!”, appears to be exhorting a cow head, ear of corn and cheese round “to move along”). While some may assume that there is little mystery behind the state quarters series, Noles finds much to inform, and occasionally startle, making each entry a quick, fulfilling slice of American history.” — Publishers Weekly

“This book is going to make my new hobby even more enjoyable . . . Noles is an enthusiastic guide.” — Seattle Times

“A fascinating book and a fascinating premise…Very readable nonfiction…The quarters provide a wholly unexpected, sometimes quirky, sometimes surprisingly inspiring view of American history. This one is a fun read for anybody, and an absolute must-have for anybody who collects the state quarters.” — Montgomery Advertiser

“An enlightening journey through 400 years of American history in twenty-five-cent doses.” — History

“A wonderful book on America’s state quarters that belongs in every library. It tells the historical side of each design in a fascinating way.” — CoinAge

“Readers will encounter familiar information but also the new and unfamiliar and will come away with a greater appreciation of their pocket change and the valuable history it can offer.” — Library Journal

“Even if you are just spending the commemorative quarters to buy soda, bottled water or candy, this book should be added to your personal library. It could be an important introduction to U.S. history for some child who otherwise might suffer from history phobia…It is a fun and easy read full of information that seldom makes it into history text books.” — Roanoke Times

“Even though Noles claims he is not a coin collector himself, he writes with the passionate and attention to detail of a seasoned pro. His book is breezy, informative and fascinating.” — Tucson Citizen

“Few of us ever bother to look at the loose change that jangles in our pockets and purses. Noles reminds us that what’s inscribed on those coins says a lot about the kind of country we are, and what we hope to be.” — Baton Rouge Advocate

“Everyone who collected these quarters—and anyone who loves anecdotal American history—will want to own and read Jim Noles’ A Pocketful of History.” — Constant Reader

“An excellent companion on the journey of filling state quarter coin boards with a young person or a new collector.” — The Numismatist

“Noles is exemplary in his ability to take the iconographic straw at his disposal and spin it into literary gold.” — ANS Magazine

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Twenty-Three Minutes to Eternity

“The author’s ability to stitched together the individual accounts [of crew members] into a moving history of the short life and sudden death of Liscome Bay makes this book a fascinating read.” — Jeffrey G. Barlow, author of Revolt of the Admirals: The Fight for Naval Aviation, 1945-1950

“Noles’s treatment of the common sailor’s experience is a great strength of the book. Noles brings these men to life. . . . Serious students of naval history and World War II as well as readers of popular history will benefit from reading this book.” — Military History of the West

“I think [Twenty-Three Minutes] will stand alongside Rose’s The Ship that Held the Line and Stafford’s The Big E. I have already highly recommended it to my officer-students at the Air Command and Staff College.” — Dr. Richard R. Muller, Professor of Military History, USAF Air Command and Staff College